Annual Report 2021

You can find our latest annual report here

Mali Development Group (MDG)

Funding Crisis

The Corona Virus situation means that MDG faces the toughest funding crisis since we began 20 years ago. Like many small charities we rely heavily on our activities to generate income. You’ll have heard about them from our newsletters. One of our biggest sources has been our Catering Corps, which provides refreshments for many events, such as weddings and parties. None of that has been possible in recent weeks with all events cancelled, volunteers unable to meet and no sign that this will end soon.

As you know we have very few overheads and are all volunteers. Almost all that we raise goes directly to the work of our two partners in Mali. As well as their normal work both Jeunesse & Developpement (J&D) and Pensons a Demain (PAD) will inevitably be involved in the fight against the virus in Mali. There are already cases there and a huge danger that local health services will be overrun. Helping communities look after themselves and ensuring that the children most at need are cared for will be vital. In the one world of the virus what happens in Africa may well turn out to be catastrophic – if that happens, we may well face reinfection in Europe. We need to help the vulnerable nations and as you know Mali is one of the most fragile of all.

We have planned carefully, will be using our reserves and are doing everything we can to maintain the support for 2020 which we have promised to J&D and PAD, but we now need your help to make that possible.

We need to raise £7,000 to ensure that we can continue our work and although we will of course be applying to a whole range of trusts and grant makers, they too are likely to be oversubscribed so we are first approaching you and all our other supporters. We know that many of you will also be facing a reduction in income, but we would ask everyone to give whatever you can. Your generosity in the past has helped us achieve so much over the past 20 years but we desperately need your help now to get through this crisis. Ways to help are:

Make a direct donation to Mali Development Group:

  • Via the 'Donate Now' button above
  • Direct to our Bank Account (Bank Account: 00215663 Sort Code: 30-19-83.
    If you would like to spread payments, we especially value Standing Orders or Direct Debits as they help us to plan our income, and if you don’t already do this could you consider it, please?
  • You may prefer to send a cheque which should be made out to: Mali Development Group, and the envelope addressed to: David Hedge, Treasurer, 26 Emanuel Avenue, Acton, London W3 6JJ.

You can also tell people that they can text donations to Mali22 on 70070, for example Mali22£5

Mali Development Group

Development on a human scale

The Mali Development Group (MDG) raises money to support social, health, economic, and political development in Mali, West Africa. The work is done by Malians for Malians, using methods that involve local people and are rooted in local communities. Our partners work in Bamako, the capital city and in remote rural areas in the South of the country.
We also offer practical and technical support to our partners, using the skills of our members and building on 16 years of developed relationships.

The result is a model of international development that is effective, sustainable, inclusive and egalitarian.

Currently we are supporting:

  • A health insurance scheme - allowing some of the poorest people in rural areas to get access to basic health care;
  • Women’s savings groups - helping women increase their economic activity, generate their own cash and improve productivity (by funding grain-grinding mills for example);
  • Work with street children in Bamako – using Bogolan art to help homeless and displaced children develop their skills and realise their potential.

We think it is important that the wealth of Malian culture is more widely shared in the UK. So we have set up and run the Mali Interest Hub where we celebrate Malian music, provide news and commentary on Malian issues, and a place where people can share information and make contacts.

We are not a large international organisation, but a small and effective voluntary group relying entirely on the skills and commitment of our members. We employ no one and our overheads are extremely small. We believe in close and long lasting partnerships with our Malian colleagues, and the importance of trusting and open relationships.
On this site you can learn more about Mali, our past projects and current priorities, you can see how MDG does its work and how you might contribute. We hope you will want to support us – if you do, then you can make a donation or subscribe to our email list.