Ever thought that you would like to raise some money for a project in Mali but not quite sure where to start?

One such project at the moment is the provision of a grain-grinding machine in the village of Kourou. Every day it takes the women of the village up to 7 hours pounding grain so as to feed the family; a grinding machine reduces this to 50mins! The time saved can then be given over to cultivating market gardens to supplement their meals with fresh vegetables thus making their otherwise nutritionally poor meals into meals full of goodness. So how can you help?

How about preparing your own MDG meal full of goodness? Consider inviting some of your friends over to your home for a meal full of goodness and asking for, say £10 or £15 per head.

Your friends will enjoy good food; good company and most importantly go home feeling good too. Good in the knowledge that their meal for goodness will help villagers in Mali to enjoy ameal full of goodness with their family and friends. You too would feel good, for although you’ve donated your time and ingredients, just think of the money you’ve raised!

Such a simple idea and potentially so effective. One of the strengths of MDG is that it involves individual members doing fun things, raising modest sums of money that go directly to projects that do make a real difference out of all proportion to actual costs. Just let us know that the event is happening- contact details above- and we can send you information about MDG and any other background material, which you might want. If people are donating voluntarily for the meal then we can claim Gift Aid and all you need to do about this is get people to fill in the short form in the MDG leaflet if they have not registered with us previously. We also offer donors who give £10 or £15 automatic MDG membership for a year if they wish- that too is explained on the form. Cheques are payable to Mali Development Group.

Good idea? Well start planning, pick up the phone, invite your friends, get the apron on and start cooking. If only 50% of our membership invited, say six friends to a meal full of goodness, we would raise approx £4500. Enough to buy a mill grinding machine and more.

Ready Steady Cook………….Why not try out these recipes?